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Hello, I am working in a reputed bank and trading is my passion. I can’t give time to stock market due to my work. I joined services of Orants after hearing about them through one of my colleague. I was little hesitate because never took anyone’s services before but after working with Orants, I am really happy by seeing their efforts and research. My RM is really supportive and answer me after their office hours also. I am looking forward to our long term association.


Many will admit that the stock market is a complex beast. There are so many circumstances that influence the stock market that it is unacceptable to conclude in what way or manner it will function, either the stock price will climb or go down. If individual is not cautious, the attractive charm of the stock market could influence massive losses.

However, a correctly discipline approach to stock market contribution can manage admirations for a shareholder. Orants is one among the stock market advisory firm which assist their customers in a good manner.

Highlights of Services

Duration : Upto 105 Days
Tokens : 5000
Trades : 45 to 46
Capital Requirement : 8,50,000


  • You will get 5000 tokens by directing your trading towards Orants.
  • You will get up to forty five o forty six Intraday , BTST and positional trades in this service with our best research.
  • The approximately duration of the service is up to one hundred five days if service not completed after one hundred five days  its extend to next one hundred five days without any extra service charges.
  • This service is available for all the traders who are with limited capital and trying to invest in a stock market.
  • Based on your requirement you can get notifications of your trades via WhatsApp, telegram, SMS, or a phone call.
  • Depending on the marginal requirement of the trading of your broker your initial capital will be 850000.
  • On each successful and profitable trade, 100 tokens will be deducted from your tokens.
  • Tokens are not related to secure and surely returns. We are always trying to best quality and satisfaction rate in our services but we are not providing any kind of surety about returns.
  • Your properly entry and exist will be managed by a dedicated relationship manager who helps you all the time
  • We are purely based and dependent on the reviews of the customers and their satisfaction
  • If you are not getting your satisfactory results within a given time then you will be given an extension of time
  • Quality trading is our main priority
  • Buy Titan future at 2305 SL 2270 Target 2350
  • Titan hit the target of 2350 exit your open position in titan future
  • Sell Coal India future at 130-132 SL 137 Target 123
  • Coal India hit the target of 123 exit your open position in coal india future
  • Trades provided via phone calls or WhatsApp messaging for actual entry and exit.
  • You must always trade with only one lot at a time. Trading in more than one lot will cause many difficulties to you
  • If you take a good profit you must bag your money and also at sometimes your profit will be reversed or bad at sometimes so don’t be greedy.
  • You should not force the relationship manager to give you more trades because it had the effect of losing your trade efficiency.
  • Always invest the money which you have in hand do not borrow or get money from others
  • Investing in stock markets are subjected to trading risks so be aware and read all the rules and regulations before investing
  • You must follow and know all the risk management and try to follow only one lot at a time
  • You must not give away your money in averaging stock because it has the risk of losing your money


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