About Us

Orants Research Analyst is a research analyst and one of India’s best stock advising firms. We are the new generation of equity research analysts and service providers, offering top-notch services with cutting-edge features.

We have the highest customer retention rate (95%) in this business. We have the most effective business plan for providing a superior platform and services to Indian stock market investors and traders.

The Company provides the first-of-its-kind reward points-style services that are outcome-oriented. Our services include standard features such as personalized and tailored service, a dedicated relationship manager, in-depth stock research, and more.


Company Research Analyst is a team of highly experienced individuals with extensive expertise in stock market research and analysis and is a Best SEBI certified Research Analyst. We believe in the power of creativity, innovation, and knowledge. Our in-depth research and analysis are not only practical and result-oriented but also provide our customers with acceptable outcomes.

The Company is one of India’s top stock advising firms, and our staff provides our clients with the most satisfactory possible service. Our client retention rate is the greatest in the business, and we place a premium on customer happiness.

Our ideas

“Our vision serves as a guidance and inspiration to us.” “To be known for our quality, openness, honesty, and supported services worldwide.”

These are our clients

Our main objective is to please our clients by providing satisfactory results and round-the-clock service to eliminate the hurdles that prohibit them from investing in the stock market.

Evolution and adaptation

The individuals who work here are intelligent, and intelligent people know how to deal with trade situations and give enough help. Our crew has grown errors and is now seasoned, talented, and well-trained to adapt to all aspects of our services.

Build for longevity

We aim to make something worthwhile; thus, our research team continually tries new things and comes up with the most effective trading techniques. We do this by concentrating tirelessly on the success of our clients, developing high-quality procedures, and preparing for long-term scalability. We are motivated by our objectives and anchored by humility.

Research and services in-house

Our vision is to develop everything in-house to serve everyone properly for the long term. We have the best team for all types of research-related activities, a dedicated team for providing good services to clients, and our vision is to develop everything in-house to serve everyone properly for the long term.


We take pleasure in offering comprehensive transparency into our business’s triumphs and mistakes as it grows and scales. It is an essential component of our culture since we work together to achieve a shared goal and vision of providing better service from time to time.

Every day, make a difference

We continually push ourselves to be better, we concentrate on solutions, and we come to work every day motivated to make a difference with our abilities, enthusiasm, and dedication. We of incredible people, but we can only accomplish greatness by working together. In all we do, we never settle.

Our Supporting Infrastructure

We have the most significant cutting-edge infrastructure facilities and the most up-to-date technology and software. We have a distinct research staff during the live market that does research and analysis. Our research staff closely watch all market-moving activity, which avoids significant losses and saves customers’ money. Our modern infrastructure enables us to provide best-in-class services that meet everyone’s needs.



Based on our discussions with you, we understand your requirements thoroughly. We assess your needs and provide recommendations for services that will meet them.


We recommend a suitable service to you after counseling and understanding your requirements, and we proceed to depend on your decision and enrolment of the chosen service.


We prepare the approach and advice to offer you based on your chosen service.


We will begin your services based on the planning and money available, with quality and safety being our top priorities. We attempt to keep the quality high by offering fewer transactions.


We make every effort to please you by offering the most outstanding services and support on time so that you are satisfied with our services and stay with us for a long time.



At Orants, we will try to provide exactly what our customers are looking for. Our predominant aim is to satisfy our customers by delivering them satisfactory outcomes and round-the-clock support so that we can remove barriers that are preventing them to invest in the stock market.


The people that work here are smart and smart people know how to handle the situation of trading and provide proper support. Our team learnt from mistakes and now they are experienced, skilled and well trained to adapt everything related to our services


We want to create something worth creating, so our research team always try to experiment new things and come up with best strategies in trading. We do this by relentlessly focusing on our customers’ success, building high quality techniques and planning for long term scale. We are grounded by humility and driven by our ambitions.


Our all research activities and services are developed in-house. We don’t outsource anything. We have best team for all kind of research related activities, dedicated team for providing proper services to clients and our vision is to develop everything in-house to serve everyone properly for long term.


We pride ourselves on providing complete visibility into the successes and sometimes failures of our business as we grow and scale. It is an integral part of our culture as we collaborate and word towards a common goal and vision to provide better time to time.


We constantly push ourselves to be our best, we focus on solutions, and we arrive every day inspired to make an impact through our talents, passion and hard work. We are made up of amazing individuals but it’s only through teamwork that we achieve greatness. We never settle in everything we do.

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