4 water stocks in India you could consider investing in

Michael Burry tells the reader how he is investing in water after the conclusion of the outstanding movie Big Short. When I initially viewed it, I looked up Indian water stocks right away, but sadly not many results surfaced. In light of this, I made the decision to do research and publish this quick article on India’s water supplies.

Disclaimer: This is not intended to be investment advice; it is just meant to be informative.

70% of the earth’s surface is covered in water, but 97% of that water is salty, which is unsuited for human consumption, according to this Investopedia website. Saltwater cannot be utilised for irrigation or even for human consumption. Only 3% of the world’s water resources are still present, and only approximately 1% of that is easily used by humans. Due to the resource’s scarcity and the industry’s growing demand.

I include a few businesses in this post that a potential investor might research if they are considering the Indian water market.

Ion Exchange 1.
The main areas of business for Ion Exchange (India) Limited are water and environmental management. Ion exchange resins, water treatment facilities, and chemical additives are among the company’s main offerings. They do business not only in India but also in other African nations.

VA Tech Wabag 2.
One of India’s top businesses in the water industry is VA Tech Wabag. Design, supply, installation, building, and operational management of drinking water are among the company’s main tasks. In the industries of desalination facilities, industrial water treatment, and wastewater treatment, they provide comparable services.

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The third is Triveni Engineering and Industries Ltd.
This business is not entirely involved in the water industry. “Triveni is one of India’s major integrated sugar makers and a market leader in its Engineering businesses, which include high-speed gears, gearboxes, and water and wastewater treatment systems,” reads their balance sheet.

Thermax 4.
Although this well-known organisation doesn’t strictly work in the water sector, a portion of its environmental and waste management operations do.
The following activities are performed by their water and waste management sector, according their annual report:

Water Purification Methods
options for treating wastewater
burning of water waste
No liquid is released
Desalination Facilities
Even though there are just these four businesses, the industry has a significant impact on many more that may not be in the water sector. Some of these businesses are byproducts as well.

Coastal Corporation Waterbase Apex Frozen Zeal Aqua Avanti Feeds, the shrimp industry

makers of water tankers

Motors Eicher
Ford Ashok Leyland Tata Motors

producers of pumps

Kirl Brothers, KSB Ltd., and WPIL

Other Businesses
Varun Drinks – Varun Beverages is a business that produces, sells, bottles, and distributes PepsiCo-branded beverages in a few regions of India. It has an arrangement with PepsiCo India Holdings Private Limited for a franchise (PepsiCo India).

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