10 Best Stock Market Apps For India

You should read a company’s annual report before investing in it to learn more about its operations. Real-time charts would make your work as a technical analyst simpler. Thankfully, there are a tonne of websites and apps that make the work a little bit simpler by giving you succinct information on a stock (business). These programmes can’t completely replace the laborious task of reading an annual report, but they may be helpful aides.

This article examines some of the top free stock market software programmes created specifically for the Indian stock market.

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored, and each application is based on a personal taste. There is no hierarchy to the list.

First, MoneyControl
Website for MoneyControl
Even if the adverts may annoy you and the app sometimes lags, it still does the job. It has all the features of a fundamental stock market programme and more. It provides you with the most recent news, real-time market data, a basic stock analysis, and the opportunity to make a watchlist and keep tabs on your portfolio.

Basic information, such as absolute returns across various time periods and sector PEs, is well covered. It also continuously adds new features that can be of interest to technical traders. It is indeed a need for practically every trader or investor. In case you wish to monitor the computer online, it also has a webpage.


Two. StockEdge
Website for StockEdge
If sectoral analysis interests you, this application is excellent. It offers a feature that allows you to filter stocks by sector before comparing them using measures like ROCE, PE, etc. Furthermore, unlike other apps, it has a highly complex sector categorization that, after selecting Agriculture, further divides it into sub-sectors like aquaculture and edible oils, for example. It also helps in keeping track of recent or planned IPOs. It also features a number of technical and fundamental scan options that can be of interest to investors and traders.

Additionally, if you’re new to the game, it offers links so that you may understand the fundamentals of the stock market. Overall, it’s a sleek and user-friendly programme that I would suggest. Stockedge has also developed a website, similar to MoneyControl.

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3. ET Markets, according to the website of the Economic Times.
Downloading ET Markets is a must if you want to stay up to date with market news and events. Additionally, it offers real-time market data, and its performance tabs, industrial breakdowns, and industry rankings are particularly helpful for determining which industry has been doing well.

Additionally, it offers the finest mobile application screener I’ve ever used. You may alter screens whatever you want and locate stocks in accordance, much like Screener.in. Finding the screener could be challenging, so go to the menu, markets, stocks, and then screener to discover it. There are sections on IPOs, bonds, forex, and other topics as well. This app definitely is a must-have if you want to keep track of the newest stock market news in India. Once again, it has a website.

Investing.com 4.
Site Investing.com
A fantastic app for monitoring various markets in addition to the Indian market is investing.com. There are thousands of technical indicators and intraday charts that may be of interest to technical experts. Its website is one of the best free tools for technical analysts and is also quite comprehensive.

Since I myself don’t employ technical analysis, I can’t comment on its correctness, but I do encourage you to look into it. In the end, it is free. Additionally, it offers practically every stock’s beta, which is quite helpful for performing the CAPM. Additionally, you may download data from the website that is comparable to Yahoo Finance, which makes it worthwhile to register a free account with them.

Aside from that, you get access to all the fundamental features, like making a watchlist and monitoring portfolios.

Varsity Varsity 5. Varsity by Zerodha, a website, is not only an analytical tool. You will learn the fundamentals of the stock market, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, options, and so on. It really is among the greatest tools for newcomers to understand the stock market (with India in mind). Yes, using it is free.

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TickerTape 6.
Website for tickertape
The user interface on TickerTape is pretty nice, and it is packed with data for fundamental investors. TickerTape is a good software to install, in my view, including financial information, historical performances, stock projections, peer comparisons, and even a marker emotion reader. If you are using a laptop, TickerTape’s website is also quite good.

Markets Mojo 7.

Although I don’t use Markets Mojo myself, it does include all the essential features you could want from a stock market programme. Additionally, it provides a good number of free screens, and some investors may find the subscription version to be worthwhile. There are several tools available for technical analysts.

IIFL Markets, 8.
Website for IIFL
Despite the fact that a broker provides this software, it is both incredibly comprehensive and user-friendly. It offers all the fundamental functionality you would anticipate from an application and is simple to access and use. With its screeners, mutual fund data, and cutting-edge research tools, IIFL Markets could be worth a try. It is free to use for visitors.

9. Trendlyne Website for Trendlyne
Both the website and the application for Trendlyne are excellent. Want to know the technical and fundamental indicators for practically all Indian stocks? Visit Trendlyne now. Even on Trendlyne, there is a section that displays the most recent stock holdings of well-known institutional investors. Additionally, it features an excellent screener. The website offers a wealth of information, such Nifty historical EPS and PE, which are difficult to uncover. Overall, this need to be stored on your phone.

10. NSE Website NSE App
The App is a fantastic location to just monitor how various sectors have been doing, even if I personally do not use it. Additionally, it offered real-time, accurate data on futures and options, which may be very helpful to traders. Check out the BSE App as well.

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Check out this post for a list of 30 stock market websites for the Indian market.

Additional Apps to Consider
For precise macroeconomic statistics on important economies, particularly the USA, use Fred, the Federal Reserve Economic Data. It is worthwhile to check out the app and website itself for anything from job statistics to default spreads.
You may use Google Sheets to access Google Finance and get current and past stock information. Please read this article for additional information. It might also be simple to keep track of your portfolio if you have the Google Sheets app on your phone. (Yes, there are better applications for this, but Google Sheets offers more customising options.)
You may access all of Professor Aswath Damodaran’s lessons and spreadsheets on the move using his Apple App, which is available through NYU. If you have an Apple and are acquainted with the professor’s work, check out the app. The equity risk premiums and nation risk premiums he updates are quite helpful for fundamental analysts.
Although Yahoo Finance wasn’t specifically designed for the Indian market, it does offer historical data on a tonne of Indian equities, so it could be worth a look.
If you want to quickly and easily consume financial news, Finshorts is a fantastic tool. Visit Inshorts for additional news on a more broad scale. Even LiveMint offers straightforward business news delivery.

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